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UAC Glass Repair!

UAC Glass Repair is the premiere solution provider for glass removal and restoration of damaged glass in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Our service has a comprehensive team of technicians that travel to your place or welcome you on site, only to restore the strength and clarity of your glass. Whether you are facing an isolated scratch, a damaged window or a problematic glass door, no job is too complicated for our highly trained experts. You no longer have to spend a fortune on replacing glass. Instead, allow us to restore it and give it its well deserved beauty.

Remember that replacement implies production, customization, distribution and installation expenses. Plus, it is time consuming. Our professionals will take your project, assess the situation and the optimal solutions, then work on your glass elements to make them shine again. Whether it comes to scratch removal or glass repair, we are here to tackle any kind of project around Los Angeles.

Glass Scratch Removal

Not sure how to remove scratches from glass? This is not a DIY project, as you might injure yourself or damage the glass even more. At UAC Glass Repair, glass scratch removal is a deeply customized process. Such damage can be classified by more criteria, but generally, there are three major types of damage: light scratches, deep scratches and surface damage. Light issues can be handled by pretty much any glass scratch remover, but only UAC Glass Repair can handle all categories of damage. Our glass scratch repair service can restore the original clarity with no distortion. In fact, we claim on a clarity of 98%. The 2% is not even discernible to the human eye, so consistency makes your glass look brand new.

Glass Scratch Removal

Our highly trained glass scratch repair has the equipment, experience and knowledge to address the realistic necessities of damaged glass. We offer a unique approach in the attempt to fix glass scratches in no time. We make sure that no scratches are missed. It makes no difference how mild or severe they are. Even light scratches can ruin the appearance of your windows, even if they are hard to notice. Despite the speed we work with, we never rush. We take our time and work on every single type of damage. The entire pane is resurfaced by our glass scratch remover with particular patterns and movements, only to prevent distortion.

Acid Etch Graffiti Removal

Graffiti vandals are part of every scenario. Every city in the world has some of them. Many companies out there struggle to keep up against their destructive techniques. Acid etching tends to penetrate the glass. Therefore, cleaning it softly is less likely to work. Instead, the graffiti penetrates the glass. Our mobile team will not only remove glass scratches, but also clear the unexpected damage caused by vandals. Whether it comes to a public transportation vehicle, a store front window or even your residential windows, we can fix the damage.

Do not hesitate to give us a phone call for free quotes and benefit from our reputable scratch remover for glasses in Los Angeles.

  • A chipped window is the worst! And my car windscreen was peppered with them. I thought about getting my insurance to change it out but I still had a big deductable so instead I called UAC Glass Repair. To my delight they said they could fix the chips so it would be like brand new. They were true to their word and my windscreen looks really clear and my car looks like new again.

    Sergio Klockner

  • A number of my windows were broken and scratched up as my property had been a vacant foreclosure that i picked up. Instead of having all the windows replaced I wanted to clean some of the ones that were salvageable. I called UAC Glass Repair and they told me they could install new windows and fix the existing glass that was scratched and coated with graffiti paint. They came out and showed me how it works using their special techniques and I was amazed! I am happy I went this route as is saved me a fortune.

    Anthony Sanchez

  • My kids went to town in managing to paint my windows and do a terrible job when I gave them chores for the summer. Instead of painting the wood frames they got more on the windows. I tried to scrape to get it off but in the end it was not budging. I called the experts UAC Glass repair to see what they could do. They managed to use this special machine to strip the paint off and buff the windows up like new. Thankful they did this for me and lesson learned in giving the kids chores to do to earn some extra money.

    Amy Larson

  • As a contractor working on big commercial sites from time to time we will have a slip up where a welder will melt the glass by accident with whatever they are cutting. It happens and it’s no big deal because we have a company like this who helps us when that does happen. UAC Glass Repair have saved our butts many times over the years to make sure the job looks good and the glass we damaged is fixed to like new.

    Cliff T