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UAC Glass Repair Hollywood

Thank you for visiting UAC Glass Repair Hollywood, the number 1 rated glass repair experts based right here in Hollywood. We are here for your entire residential and commercial glass repair and replacement needs. Our team of experts will travel direct to your property to assist you with any work that you need carried out. Should it be a small scratch or a more problematic bigger scratch or chip we can help you out at a moment’s notice.

There are certain glass repair techniques for various glass types. We use our full knowledge to assist you with tinted glass, stained glass, safety glass and much more. Each technique is crafted right here at our head office in Hollywood and all of our staff go through routine training to make sure they are keeping up with the latest techniques in scratch removal and replacement techniques.

How available is your service in Hollywood?

We are available whenever you need us. We pride ourselves on our customer service and answering any questions customers might have. If you need to use our services it’s simply a case of calling us and setting up an appointment time. And we are not like some other businesses out there. If we say we will be there at a set time we will be. No massive window of time, we keep to our appoint times. If you need emergency service we can also help with that.

Do you work on glass replacement in Hollywood?

We most certainly do replace glass. If someone has smashed a window we can come out and install a new pane of glass. Our glass installation team works with residential, commercial and auto clients to change out massive panes of glass as well as smaller panes of glass.

How long does it take to repair glass?

It all depends on the excess of scratches or chips to your glass. If we only see some light surface scratches it won’t take long at all. 20 minutes at the most. If there is more extensive work to be done it can take an hour or so to repair it to pristine condition. We will always notify you as soon as we get to your location how long it will take so you can plan accordingly.

Is glass repair work expensive in Hollywood?

It’s actually not that expensive to get your glass repaired here in Hollywood and it’s much cheaper than having to change out the whole pane of glass. Your insurance company might even pay for you to get it repaired, instead of them having to change the whole pane out if it gets worse later on. It will normally not affect your insurance either so it’s a win for you. We will give you a free quote on home much it will be to repair or replace any glass.

If you have any questions concerning glass repair or glass replacement here in Hollywood we will be happy to help you out.

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