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Glass Repair!

Glass Repair Taken To The Next Level!

At UAC Glass Repair, our main goal is to restore the clarity, looks and design of your glass elements with no distortion at all. We provide glass doors repair, windows repair and scratch removal in Los Angeles at a fraction of the replacement costs. Whether you want to take your glass elements to us or you want us to come over, our glass scratch remover relies on the most advanced equipment in this industry. In a world where most services can only tackle light scratches, we go even farther and work on all types of damage. Unless your glass is shattered into small bits, consider the project done.

Types of Glass Damage

Glass scratch damage is classified by more criteria. The damage type is by far the most important one. Light surface damage is visible, yet hard to feel. Run your fingernail slowly over the damage. It you cannot feel it and your fingernail does not bump, the damage is light. This type of scratch is normally caused by poor handling and maintenance. It is the most common one and can affect glass tables, windows and doors. Our glass scratch removal service will handle it in no time.

Glass repair goes way beyond these mild scratches though. Surface damage is easy to feel with the fingernail. But then, it is not deep enough to prevent your fingernail from getting over the scratch. Such things are usually caused by a poor installation. Window scrapers and harsh abrasives are just as common. Not sure how to remove scratches from glass? Let us do it or you risk damaging it some more.

Finally, our scratch remover for glasses will also tackle deep scratches. These are more common in stores and commercial buildings. They are normally caused by vandals. If you run the fingernail across the surface, the scratch will catch the finger. We can fix glass scratches regardless of the damage type, yet our technicians have to see the glass in person before suggesting one procedure or another.

Meet Our Experienced Technicians

At UAC Glass Repair, we only employ glass repair experts with proper training and experience. Two situations are never alike, so personal skills and expertise make the difference. We send our workers on site to assess the situation and figure what techniques they have to apply. At the same time, we do not fool around with cheap materials and machinery. We only use advanced equipment, pads and pastes while polishing. We remove glass scratches with no distortion at all. We also offer windshield repair solutions.

How We Work

Our representatives provide free quotes on the phone, yet nothing can offer a better idea than seeing the damage. Our glass scratch repair specialists will reach on site and analyze your problem, then offer a more specific quote. We use the same equipment for each of our operations, yet we rely on different pastes and pads, according to how deep the scratch is. In the end, clarity is incontestable, while scratches will be invisible.

In conclusion, do not make the mistake to order replacement glass because it feels easier and faster. Instead, get in touch with UAC Glass Repair and let us restore your glass – cheaper and faster.