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Glass Scratch Removal!

Glass Scratch Removal Has Never Been More Accessible!

Glass always gets scratched, regardless of its location. It makes no difference if you count your front door, summer house or coffee table. It is durable if you are careful enough, but it is also fragile in front of small elements. If you like to throw your keys on the glass coffee table whenever you come back home, chances are it is full of scratches. Outdoor glass elements are even more exposed. For any of these situations, our glass scratch removal and glass repair service steps in to give you a hand. At UAC Glass Repair, we can restore your glass in no time, at a fraction of the replacement cost.

No matter how the damage occurred – poor cleaning, vandalism, mishandling or impacts, we can tackle all kinds of glass scratch repair processes. No project is too hard for us. Although most glass removal services in Los Angeles can handle light scratches, we go even farther and can overcome deep scratches and other forms of damage.

The Glass Scratch Removal Procedure

Efficient scratch removal is easily achieved with the latest equipment available in commerce. We do not use any random glass polishing compounds that you can find around. Our ultra-hard elements are meant to deliver. They are applied manually, so we only rely on highly trained specialists. Experience is crucial when blending the treated area into the overall surface. There are a few stages to go through, depending on how severe the scratch is. Curious how to remove scratches from glass? Without experience, you risk damaging glass even more. Avoid such DIY operations, but give us a phone call instead and let us fix glass scratches.

When the entire scratch is removed, we restore the polish with no distortion at all. We use an optical polishing equipment, which also demands an exquisite precision.

Surfaces We Can Treat

Our glass scratch remover can tackle more types of glass, including:

  • Float
  • Laminated
  • Fire retardant
  • Radiation
  • Toughened
  • Plate
  • Armored
  • Heat treated

Our expertise leaves no room for mistakes. We can remove glass scratches from any type of specialized glass. Also, our glass scratch remover will conduct the same process on curved glass. These techniques are based on resurfacing the glass. From this point of view, we can only clear light scratches from textured glass.

Performance Comes First

At UAC Glass Repair, our glass scratch remover guarantees for a top-notch visual quality in respect of window faults. What does it mean? We make sure that no fault or scratch is visible by the time we are done. The general standard in this industry demands no visible scratches at normal incidence and about seven feet (almost nine feet for laminated and toughened glass) under normal natural light conditions. We like to take this standard even farther, so our specialized scratch remover for glasses will also prevent distortion and provide a perfect clarity from different angles and shorter distances.

In the end, let us show you that you do not have to spend a fortune on replacing glass in Los Angeles. Give our scratch remover for glasses the opportunity to restore its original beauty and clarity without even taking it off.