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Windshield Repair!

Windshield Crack and Scratch Repairs – Visibility and Looks!

Worried that your windshield stars and cracks will spread throughout the glass and ruin it? Indeed, it might happen, but only if you fail to properly care for your windshield and restore it while the problem is still fresh. At UAC Glass Repair, we run a dedicated scratch removal service. We remove glass scratches, but we also offer windshield scratch repair. Apart from residential and commercial services, we work on any type of glass, including automotive glass and mirrors.

Chips and Stars in Windshield Damage

Most people refer to windshield damage as stars, cracks and chips. There is, however, a difference. These words are properly used to discuss about the damage to laminated glass and windshields. Chips are caused by specific objects that impact the windshield. A small piece of glass comes off the surface. Such things are less likely to spread though. Unless it affects your visibility, there is no need to repair it, despite what others tell you about it.

Cracks and stars are caused by similar impacts. According to our glass scratch remover, you can see the chip and fracture around it. The fracture may have specific shapes, but it also comes with small lines radiating out. These things demand immediate attention because they spread quite fast. In 99% of all situations, a crack that has less than 2 inches can be fixed right away. If it spreads too much, you might need to replace the windshield.

How about Common Scratches?

Glass scratch removal might become a necessity if you choose to wash the windshield with those common pads in gas stations. Everyone does it, so the water is filthy and covered in all kinds of sand particles. Those particles will scratch the glass. Some scratches may not be visible during daytime, but they will seriously alter your visibility at night because the light reflects in an unusual manner. Not sure how to remove scratches from glass? Without the right equipment and experience, it is impossible. Instead, call our scratch remover for glasses and watch magic happen.

What Happens with Your Windshield

A repaired windshield will not suffer any minuses. It will be as strong as it was in the original state, before the damage occurred. Our glass scratch repair will not affect its strength. On a different note, our customers love the possibility to save money with the windshield scratch removal service. Depending on the car brand and model, some of them have reported saving of over 95% due to skipping replacement.

The chip or scratch will be virtually invisible, so our Los Angeles windshield scratch remover guarantees for extra visibility and a better appearance. These things will also help you overcome the transport certifications for access to public roads.

At UAC Glass Repair, we fix glass scratches, but we also guarantee for the durability and efficiency of our glass repair results. Each project is the most important one for us until we solve the issue. It usually takes less than an hour to handle these scratches. We conduct repairs around our facilities, but we also get on the field for you – in your backyard or perhaps in front of your office.